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Creative Commotion is an Orange County based motion graphics design and 3D animation facility located outside of Los Angeles. Our services include 3d animation, motion graphics design, visual effects, and video editing.  Post Production is our love.  We have a long history of working directly with big brand names like John Deere & Dell as well as individual creative directors, producers and agencies.  We are a lean and mean team of creative professionals who started out working at the largest post production facilities in Orange County and LA, but now provide our services directly to clients like yourself.  Our hard work, and impeccable communication make you feel like we are part of your team and, not just as a hired hand you have to watch over.

Our Clients: John Deere, Dell, DeWalt, Kia, shark Ninja, PayPal


Visual effects answer the need to fix many problems. Whether it is creating a virtual set from scratch, motion tracking and wire removal, special effects, highlighting muscles, set extensions, stabilizing an important shot, or replacing a logo, rest assured we can help you. CCTV uses state of the art software for motion tracking and rotoscoping.   Whatever your challenge is, CCTV is excited to help you solve it through visual effects. 


Understanding your client's vision and branding from the beginning can circumvent a multitude of issues early in the process.  At Creative Commotion we are big believers in creating a style guide or storyboard which serves as a slide show of your future television commercial, direct response show, or corporate video.  The goal is to get a sign-off from the client on the look of the video before a single frame is animated. This important step has saved business relationships and budgets for years.  View some of our actual storyboards below.

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